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Jennifer A. Yates

As an artist and educator living in Ferndale, Washington I teach publicly, privately and manage Yates Fine Arts. My passion to create is reflected in my favorite two mediums, clay and metal.

The creative process doesn’t just begin in the studio, but is inspired by my interests and events that I find time to enjoy from foraging in the forest, cooking in the kitchen, to paddling on the water. The state of euphoria I enjoy when exploring in the woods or on the water I also experience in the studio when creating fine art. Shapes, patterns, colors, textures, and repetition I see in these environments stimulate creativity and design reflected in my work.  I enjoy the creative process of forming both mediums clay and metal because they each become fluid with fire yet rigid and strong once complete. All showing a microscopic surface with varied effects very similar to what you will find in our natural environment under a lens.

My work is to create a functional everyday piece of fine art whether it is dinnerware stacked sculpturally or a piece of jewelry that stands alone as a unique form yet when worn works harmoniously with the human body. Both my metal and ceramic art reflects what I find aesthetically pleasing and interesting from our environment.  Much of my work reflects the microscopic world from mushrooms to lichens etc.  I am especially interested in the microbiome and how we coexist with our environment. 

One is able to view my work in my studio, galleries around the country, publishings such as; 500 Bowls , The Best of 500 Ceramics or the University of Wisconsin-Stout where I completed my Artist in Residence, BFA in Studio Arts and BS in Art Education.

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